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A small group of us were discussing the topic of native genius. It was one of those discussions that contain a lot of “I don’t know”s and “I’m not sure”s. We had all prepared, but it’s a concept that can be really difficult to put your finger on. 

What is native genius? These are the things that bring us joy, but are also incredibly easy to us.

You may have heard about the concepts of flow or zone of genius. These are all along the same vein.

Kristin Wheeler founded this concept and says: 

Native Genius is already within you and you’ve always had it. It’s utterly unique to you and when you use it it can feel like nothing — because it’s native — but it’s something. When it’s online, your eyes are lighting up and you’re significantly smarter and more resourceful than you realize.”

Why should we worry about our native genius and what does it have to do with our careers?

As it turns out, native genius is pretty important to many aspects of our life. As soon as we start to uncover what our native genius is this concept starts to click. 

Doing native genius work makes us happy.

Inherently native genius is the thing or things that bring us joy and are easy for us. Naturally spending more time doing this work will increase happiness. 

One of my native genius threads is bringing order to chaos. I can see a pile of confusion and make sense of it. I’ve always been able to. It’s not only incredibly easy to me… it feels like a game. I love it!

The more I get to do of this, the more fun I’m having!

Doing more native genius work improves engagement.

If we translate our native genius into components of our work and career it would follow that our engagement improves. Having more fun and joy would overall increase our work satisfaction and how favorable we rate our company, role, and experience.

Continuing on with my example, maybe you imagined me cleaning and organizing a messy closet. While that’s a very true thing I like to do, we can translate this into my career as well.

I look at huge amounts of data and patterns and trends emerge in front of my eyes. I distill this into concise, actionable recommendations to inform leaders and decision makers. Not only am I having fun doing it, I get consistent feedback on this asset and how valuable it is.

I didn’t stumble into this role. Looking inward at what I’m good at and what I love to do guided me to this type of role to enjoy my work more.

Doing native genius work increases contribution.

This just follows the natural progression of this line of thought. We have a good idea of what we love to do and what’s easy for us. We’re tying this into our careers in a way that provides business value. 

Maximizing this will increase our contribution. And most importantly, won’t burn us out! With our native genius being easy for us we get to benefit from magnifying our value for the least amount of effort.

Cultivating this kind of self-awareness and crafting your career path around this is a really big key to realizing success in corporate. You won’t waste years doing work you don’t love (or even worse, hate!) and have a clear focus on the path that makes sense for you.

Now that you’ve heard about what native genius is and what one of my bigger ones are, I want to know…  What is your native genius?

Still not sure? Grab this free worksheet to discover yours!

Are you utilizing your native genius at work? Let me know in the comments below!






  1. Great blog Stephanie! I hadn’t heard of the term “native genius” before, but I have heard the phrase “zone of genius”.

    Either way, mine is definitely creating beautiful videos while empowering others to shine. 🎬💓

    • Stephanie King says:

      Native genius, zone of genius, and Flow are very related and interconnected!

      I completely agree that one of yours is with beautiful videos… the proof is right there! I bet you have a few others that you are less aware of as we all do!

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