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Ahhh regrets. A favorite topic, no?

As I look back on my career I definitely have a few. I’m sharing my top 3 regrets below in hopes that you have a smoother journey with more fulfillment and success.

1. I regret not taking more risks.

I’ve always played things pretty safe. This is where having a strategic mind can both help and hinder — I can see how the big picture comes together and analyze every what-if and could be.

Taking a leap of faith or moving out of your comfort zone provides some opportunities for real growth and stretch. You might also end up leaving a greater contribution by showing up with your skills and capabilities in new and exciting ways.

Looking back I wish I’d capitalized on some of the opportunities where it wasn’t obvious to me how I’d succeed. I knew I could succeed in adjacencies, but I could’ve skyrocketed my growth and understanding by moving further outside my comfort zone.

2. I regret not addressing toxic situations well.

We inevitably have to work with someone we don’t like or respect. It’s just statistics when you’re working with lots of people over the years. 

However, when the situation becomes toxic it can be a soul crusher. It’s not always clear what to do, either, which compounds the negative feelings.

I spent 3 years in a toxic work-relationship with someone who absolutely acted against our internal standards. I tried reason, logic, and even working with our manager to resolve the situation. 

The agreements we made were not kept. The situation actually got worse. After suffering for years I left the role. In hindsight, I regret I hadn’t collected evidence and filed a complaint with HR.

3. I regret not focusing more on myself.

This one may sound a bit funny. It’s really easy to get caught up in other people’s ideas, plans, or desires. That’s exactly what college is — following someone else’s plan to get that degree.

If you don’t have a plan in your career someone else (or likely several people along the way) will definitely help guide your way for you. 

Looking back I regret not thinking of the big picture. (Weird thing for a strategist to say, but hang with me for a sec). For someone like me (I’d venture to say the majority of people are like this) who values breadth and variety, a career is not well defined. In fact, the possibilities are endless.

I wish I would’ve spent more time discovering and nurturing my interests and native genius and created a career path out maximizing those instead of getting stuck on specific roles or titles.

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What’s this bring up for you? Let me know in the comments.






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