You found a position that excites you, but hesitated in pushing the apply button. The anxiety set in. Interviewing feels uncomfortable for you. You decided to apply and hope for the best.

If you’ve interviewed before, maybe it didn’t go so well. If this is your first big interview, you’ve researched the job position details and qualifications and you’re worried you don’t stack up. The job field is competitive and you know you have to differentiate yourself. But how? 

Thinking about all this just brings up more questions and uncertainties in your mind. How does the interview process go? What will I be asked? What are hiring managers looking for? Can I get through it and land the job?

You really want this role, but are worried about failing. If you don’t get this job, then what? You feel heavy like the deck is stacked against you.

Nail Your Interview

What if you could strut confidently into your interview?

You have a couple of mock interviews under your belt and your confidence is through the roof. The stress is dissolved and you feel at ease with the process. You have discovered some of your key stories and how you can use them to your advantage in an interview. You feel like you have an excellent handle on the value that you could bring to this role and company!

During your interview you field the questions with poise and clarity. The hiring manager sees you as an excellent fit for the role with stellar presence and communication skills. You’re taking a giant leap in finding success in your career!

The clarity that you’ve gained through prepping feels amazing. And with the work you’ve done you’re actually excited to go into your interview!

Do any of these sound familiar?

This is your first big interview, you haven’t interviewed in quite a while, or your last interview did not go well
You’ve done zero preparation and wouldn’t even know where to start
You don’t feel confident interviewing for this position because your qualifications aren’t good enough
You really want to make a change in your career but feel completely unprepared
When you imagine being asked an interview question you have no clue how to answer

I’ve been exactly where you are and I can help you.

I coach people just like you through feeling the pressure to progress in your career but don’t know what that means, what it takes, and how to get there. By executing a plan to nail your interview you’ll be taking a huge step in confidently navigating the corporate environment and achieving your definition of a successful career!

Just spending a couple of hours with me you’ll...

Know what types of questions to expect during your interview and have practice fielding them
Be crystal clear on how to use your key personal and professional stories in an interview to demonstrate your strengths
Have a plan to continue working on any remaining gaps in your interview presence and performance
Feel confident and polished walking in to your interview knowing you’re very well prepared to show up as a strong candidate
Complete a giant step towards your definition of a successful career 

So, what does this all entail?

By providing your resume, the position you’re applying for, and a straightforward assessment I’ll be able to get up to speed on who you are and what you’re after. With a firm foundation of you we’ll be able to use our first 90 minutes together to focus on getting your first targeted interview session under your belt. 

Step 1. Getting to know you

In this 90-minute video session I’ll spend 60 minutes interviewing you as if I were the hiring manager for the role you’re after. With all the info you gave me in Step 1 and preparation I will complete you will feel like it’s the actual interview. 

The remaining 30 minutes will be dedicated to honest and specific comments and feedback. You’ll get clarity on the process and how you can improve and feel confident going into your next interview. By the end of our session you’ll feel confident in what you need to work on and have more clarity so you can prepare and feel much more confident going into your second interview. 

Step 2. A live interview tailored to the job you're after

Step 3. Your homework

No later than one week later we’ll have one final 90-minute video session to repeat the process in Step 2. That second interview will feel much easier for you and we’ll get to dig into more nuanced feedback. I’ll gladly answer any lingering questions you may have. You’ll leave this session knowing what few remaining things to work on and be ready to go through the interview process with confidence and ease.

After our session you’ll be ready to get to work practicing and refining your interview answers and presence. You’ll have my specific notes to reference as well as a helpful guide to lean on as you ready yourself. This will help you show up as a strong candidate in your formal interview.

Step 4. One final interview to set you up for success

I can help you get clarity on the process and put in the practice and feedback to help your performance and presence in an interview.

All for the limited time investment of $497 

Your nervousness and questions around interviews are completely normal!

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Step 3. We’ll hold your video session and get you started on nailing your interview!

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