You’ve seen the timeline from Human Resources telling you the dates and that everyone is expected to have a review. After reviewing the facts it sounds like a serious process with serious impacts… doesn’t it?! 

Unfortunately, that’s where the information starts to dry up. You’re wondering what you are supposed to do! Is this just something that happens to you? Are you supposed to prepare something in advance and influence the outcome? How is this going to impact your career? The more you think about it the more frustrated and anxious you get. You want your performance review to help you get that next level of your own definition of success.

You got the email that your performance review is coming up. Anxiety courses through your entire body. You’ve been provided some of the facts about this process, but have more questions than answers. 

If you’ve had a review like this before, maybe it didn’t go so well. If this is your first review, you’ve recently learned that it occurs every year to assess your performance against your objectives and possibly your peers. This probably just brings up more questions and uncertainties in your mind. Is this like college with grades A through F? How else is the performance review used? The corporate environment and how to navigate it is confusing to you.

Nail Your Performance Review

What if you could not only walk confidently into your performance review but also use it to your advantage?

Your manager compliments the preparation you’ve done and how it differentiates you from your peers. Your confidence is through the roof. You’re not surprised by any portion of the review and you are taking the reins on where your career is going in the next year. You might even be used as an example for how to prepare for a review! You feel important, valued, and excited for the coming year.

Imagine if you knew how to write a year end summary that did the talking for you and actually helped your manager perform your review. You feel like you have an excellent handle on exactly the value you brought to your company last year and have thought about what the next year should have in store for you. You’re finally navigating the corporate environment!

The clarity that you’ve gained through prepping feels amazing. And with the work you’ve done you’re actually excited to go into your performance review now!

Do any of these sound familiar?

You’re confused about the performance review process and what it means
You’ve done zero preparation and wouldn’t even know where to start
You don’t feel like you can ask for a raise, promotion, or rotation because your accomplishments aren’t good enough
You’re tired of your manager telling you what your objectives should be
When your boss asks where you see yourself in 3-5 years you have no clue how to answer

I’ve been exactly where you are and I can help you.

I coach people just like you through feeling the pressure to progress in your career but don’t know what that means, what it takes, and how to get there. By executing a plan to nail your performance review you’ll be taking that first step in confidently navigating the corporate environment and achieving your definition of a successful career!

Just spending a couple of hours with me you’ll...

Know exactly what your performance review is used for and how you can use it to your advantage
Have a complete summary to share with your manager and inform your final review 
Confidently walk in to your review knowing you’re well prepared to ask for everything you want 
Have a plan for next year’s objectives to begin discussions with your manager
Complete the first step in clarifying your definition of a successful career 

So, what does this all entail?

By providing your resume and a straightforward assessment I’ll be able to get up to speed on who you are, what you value, and what you’ve done the last year before we meet. With a firm foundation of you we’ll be able to use our first 90 minutes together to focus on more how to represent yourself and discover how you define success in your career. 

In this 90-minute video session I’ll answer all the questions you have about performance reviews and how to prepare for them. You’ll get clarity on how you can influence your performance review and help both your career and your manager with targeted preparation. 
We’ll discuss what you want and how you define success deciding together what pieces are appropriate to incorporate in the performance review. By the end of our session you’ll feel confident in the performance review process and have more clarity so you can start taking the reins of your career and proposing objectives. 

Two weeks later we’ll check in via video for 30 minutes to review your drafted summary and answer any lingering questions you may have. You’ll leave this session knowing how to finalize your summary and to move through your company’s performance review process with confidence and ease.

After our session you’ll be excited to get to work creating a detailed, but concise summary of your year and crafting a plan for the year ahead. You’ll have my template to reference, complete with examples and guidance reiterating what a strong summary looks like. This will help you tease out the highlights of your year’s worth of accomplishments into a concise, impressive summary that your manager will appreciate and be impressed by!

I can help you get clarity on the process and put together a strong summary to both help your manager with your review and get you into the driver’s seat of your career.

All for the limited time investment of $99 

Your confusion and questions around performance reviews are completely normal! 

Let’s Get Started!

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Step 3. We’ll hold your video session and get you started on nailing your performance review!

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